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«Red October» has 5 production departments. On the main territory there are: a hardboiled sweets department, a sweet department, a chocolate department and retail department, and in near Moscow Yegorievsk there is a department producing jam and candied carrot, citrus and other fruits, berries and vegetables widely used in the production of hardboiled sweets and candies.

Hard-Boiled Sweets Department

As it seen from the name the department produces exclusively hard-boiled sweets. In the department 6 integrated mechanized production lines are installed which by means of stamping produce filled hard-boiled sweets ("Gusinye Lapki" (Geese Feet), "Solnechny Bereg" (Sunny Shore), "Klubnika so Slivkami" (Strawberry with cream), "Vanka-Vstanka" (Tilting doll), a line for the production of rock candies ("Teatralnaya" (Theatrical), "Barberries" and 2 mechanized production lines where by means of cutting the best and the most known hard-boiled sweets are produced "Rakovye Sheiki" (Crayfish Necks), "Krasny Mak" (Red Poppy), "Arktika" (Arctic), "Michurinskaya" (name after Michurin).

Sweets Department

In the sweets-producing department not only sweets are produced but toffees as well. The basis of the department is an integrated mechanized flow line for production of glazed sweets (such as "Citron", "Burevestnik" (Stormy Petrel), "Yuzhnaya Noch" (Southern Night). The remaining two lines produce sweets such as "Malinovye" (Raspberry), "Zoologicheskie" (Zoo), "Kosmicheskie" (Cosmic), "Ruskii Uzor" (Russian Design).

Widely known is the production made by specialized division of whipped sweets - "Souffle", "Stratosphere", "Yubileinaya" (Jubilee).

A division for the production of toffee is remarkable for high degree of mechanization and good management of production. Here up to 30 tons of products such as "Zolotoy Kliuchik" (Gold Key), "Kis-Kis" (Puss-Puss), "Zabava" (Fun) are produced per day.

Chocolate Department

It produces not only bar chocolate "Alionka" (Girl's name), "Zolotoi Yarlyk" (Golden Label), "Skazki Pushkina" (Pushkin's Fairy Tales), spongy chocolate "Slava" (Glory) and "Koniok Gorbunok" (Hunchback Horse), but also cocoa (Golden and Silver Label") as well as best kinds of chocolate-coated candies - "Mishka Kosolapy" (Pigeon-Toed Bear), "Krasnaya Shapochka" (The Little Red Riding Hood), "Petushok-Zolotoi Grebeshok" (Cockeret-Golden Comb), " Triufeli" (Truffles). Here up to 12 thousand tons of cacao-beans per year are produced. This is one of main kinds of raw material which defines quality of products. This department produces a lot of chocolate and nut intermediate products which are used for the production of other departments. That is why chocolate department is called "the heart" of the factory.

Here, chocolate semi-finished products (chocolate glaze, praline, etc.) are also produced which are bought by those confectioneries of Russia which have not got their own facilities for cacao-beans processing.

Retail Department

Retail department is called so in virtue of small-scale, single-item, that is really "retail", character of production. Here, hand labor prevails though confectionery produced are of prestige. These are assortment chocolates "Olen" (Deer), gift sets such as "Vdokhnovenie" (Inspiration), "Vechernyaya Melodia" (Evening Melody), sweets "Shokoladnye Butylochki s Likerom" (Chocolate Bottles with Liqueur", "Vishnia, zaspirtovannaya v shokoladie" (Brandied Cherries in Chocolate), sweets "Shokoladnyi Krem" (Chocolate Cream), "Stolichnye" (Metropolitan), "Slivochnaya Pomadka s Tsukatom" (Cream fondant with candied fruit), "Slivochnaya Tianuchka" (Cream soft toffee) and a lot of others.

* * *

"Red October" uses for production only natural products doing without synthetic preservatives and substitutes. Total range of raw materials used amounts to about 100 types.

So, the bulk of cacao-beans used for production is mainly of African origin - Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, and high-grade beans necessary for making flavor of the best dessert grades of chocolate are purchased in Ecuador, Java, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada.

The best varieties of nuts are purchased in the USA, Turkey, India, China.

Experts-technologists thoroughly see to the quality of imported and Russian raw materials coming to the factory. They make their own special analysis of each type and batch of products. Apart from the Central Technological Laboratory, each production department has its own laboratory which provides thorough quality control starting from arrival of raw materials to the department and finishing with the acceptance of finished products at the warehouse.